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Data Cleansing Service

Do you want to overcome the challenge of duplicate and irrelevant data? Then, you’re at the right place; our team at Data Mappers refines your database and removes all the obsolete data hampering your marketing campaigns.

Some different types of services you’d get:

  • Data validation services
  • Data enrichment services
  • De-duplication of the data
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What is a Data Cleansing Service?

The data cleansing service is one of the useful services where your existing database is refined, removing all the old marketing data. The rejuvenation of the database significantly improvises the business results. You get the data where you have correct email addresses, mailing addresses, contact numbers, and other crucial information facilitating to build up an efficient marketing strategy and promotions.

Our quality experts regularly check the accuracy of the database; this gives you an edge in the competitive business world. You’d have enormous business opportunities to excel and increase sales.

Leverage our service to boost efficiency of your process

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We follow a customer-centric approach so that you also have a good relationship with your customer. The data cleansing service is designed as such so that only the best data is included in the database; it would meet the requirements of every B2B organization.

This service would amazingly boost the efficiency of your process and you would be witnessing an increase in open rate of emails, response rate, revenue increase and others. Every organization in the B2B market must integrate data cleansing service to have sustainable market growth.

What are the steps followed in data cleansing service?

We follow a strict process in the data cleansing service which includes:

  • You need to first send your existing database to our data team.
  • They would check each data in the database to find the irrelevant business information.
  • After that all the irrelevant data is removed, duplicate data is eliminated and so on.
  • Finally, the refined database, helpful for your process is delivered.
  • Send us the database you wish to append
  • Then our data experts will check it against our extremely trustworthy internal databases.
  • After that, per your request, we will add particular contact information to your existing database(s).
  • The database you obtain after the data append is filled with precise information and ready-to-use data on your target clients.
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Benefits of data cleansing service

You would seamlessly connect with global prospects at the right time zone, thus broadening your market base.

The data cleansing service would make your campaign increasingly result-oriented with better communication with prospects.

The service improves customer retention rate, customer lifetime value and many other benefits that helps you stand out amongst competitors.

With accurate information, it significantly reduces the sales cycle.

Data cleansing service to improve brand recognition

Getting brand recognition helps your product or service get the right spotlight. You would have unique positioning in the market as an increasing number of potential customers would know more about your product and how it would benefit their organization. And all this, is made easy with our data cleansing service where all the inaccurate data is removed to make way for data that actually yield results for your business process.

  • Get accurate and updated data for better responses
  • Achieve Greater customer insights for targeted campaigning
  • Find more potential customers having similar profiles
  • Reach the Right Leads at the Right Time
  • Level up your Engagement with Leads
  • Increase the Value of Your Data Quality
  • Gain more transparency in your marketing efforts
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Data cleansing is crucial, if you want success in your B2B process. The process removes all the information that is outdated and includes only useful information, so you won’t face any obstacles connecting with targeted prospects.
Our experts are competent enough to offer data cleansing service with a good accuracy rate. It would never fail to provide you with best business results.
They are data validation services, data enrichment services, de-duplication of data and others.

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